Sunday, The Sun and Sunshine

Good morning! Beautiful sunny Sunday here in Dallas.

Dallas city skyline, Dallas, Texas, the Dallas part of the Dallas/FortWorth Metroplex


Sunday, a day dedicated to the Sun. In Sanskrit, it is called Ravivaaram. Ravi– the sun. vaaram – day.

I’m amazed how the day is made so beautiful by the shining sun. The sunlight not only nourishes and protects but quietly shares and spreads so much happiness. The sun gives a silent, sure and unmistakable assurance everything is alright with me and the world. The sun always brings hope and renewed energy. I wonder in utter awe how the sun touches me so precisely, lovingly and definitely from 95 million miles away?

I’ve lived in places where sunshine was at premium and even unavailable during certain times in the year. Trust me, its absence robs one of hope, happiness and energy. There is a certain sense of sadness that descends on you. When the sadness becomes “depression” (a most unnatural state for the human being), the “medicine-man” actually calls it S.A.D. (!) – Seasonal Affective Disorder – and attends to it as such. A good friend, a psychiatrist, chartered a pathway to wealth with an artificially sun-lit room during winters up north. Patients actually paid money to sit in the artificial sunlight in a room for a few precious hours. Those who could afford to, promptly bought a plane ticket and moved to sunny spots south while the rest of us tried to cheer ourselves up, savoring the occasional sojourn with the sun, in the north during winter.

The sun is vital. Period. Our rishis knew it in a way we don’t know or appreciate. They worshipped the sun as God Itself. They knew all we know today through science. And MORE. They not only knew about the fusion reactions but also knew where the heat and light from these reactions come from and why these reactions take place. They heard the sound of these reactions in the depth of silence and experienced its all pervasive presence in the universe and within. They knew this primal sound of creation, the song of Silence.

When I see or think of the sun, I’m reminded of Sri Krishna and His teaching to His first student, the sun. (Bhagavad Gita 4.1). The sun imbibed the teaching and to this day is putting that teaching in practice perfectly, illustrating the path for me to follow in my life.. The Gita calls this the nishkaama karma – doing work to the best of your ability, without an eye on the results, as worship, as an agent of God, to please God, with devotion to God – nothing more, nothing less. With every particle of light the sun emits, with every wave of light the sun sends out, the sun loses a bit of its own life. It gives life to zillions giving up its own life in the process. What an example of sacrifice! The sun spreads its light on all – the bad and the good, the peak and the valley, sand and the sea, the poor and the wealthy, the sick and the healthy – equally, with no distinction or discrimination whatsoever. What an example to share one’s Love! And the sun sings happily while doing its work! You can hear the song of the sun here.

I would love to follow the sun as the birds do and as Hanuman did. What did Hanuman learn in the process? You can hear it here.

You can also read about the sun’s distance from the earth and about Tulsi Das mentioning it two centuries before modern scientists’ estimated it, here.

The Vedas describe the glory and the beauty of the sun in fantastic and inexhaustible detail. Will share some of it later. Perhaps. In the meantime, let me welcome the sun on this Sunday and spend some time with him.

Enjoy your Sunday!


7 thoughts on “Sunday, The Sun and Sunshine

  1. Sairam Sir,

    Wonderful work…. Congratulations…..

    Lot of Insights given… really loved it.

    Shall pass on this to others too…..



  2. Thank you for creating this website and blogs. It will be a great reminder for all on topics that we often forget or don’t know. As I was reading about the Sun I was reminded of Aditya Hrudayam stotram in which Agastya introduces Rama to the glory of the Sun and his rejuvenating power.


  3. Sai Ram Sir..

    This is fantastic! One is the knowledge and getting an awareness and the most interesting aspect I like from your classes is the fact of making actionable or applying in ones life!

    Thank you for all what you do…We are all indebted to you whatever we have learned!

    With deep gratitude..


  4. Sairam – Radhe Radhe!
    What a bliss! My mom used to tell me “Writing is better speaking”, regarding our phone call versus writing letters–Her intention was that, it gave her the pleasure of reading again and again..
    I am enjoying similar fortune in your nice writings!
    Reading again and again gives me the pleasure and also expand our thoughts while reminiscing on the contents ..
    Thank you Anna..
    With Namskarams from Venkat


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