Life’s 20/20 Insight Vision

Suppose you teach all there is to learn and then summarize what you have taught. What will your summary statement be?

The Taitreeya Upanishad rishi gives us this summry statement.  He says in Siksha Valli [11.1],

Speak the truth. Live in righteous conduct.

satyam vada. dharmam chara.

Satyam vada. Dharmam chara.”  This is our natural state. To speak the truth is natural to us, much much easier than speaking a lie. Truth is what this whole universe has come out of, is being supported by and is dissolving into. Truth makes our life light with zero burden. Lies add burden that grows and gnaws like cancer with time. It is impossible to be happy and peaceful in the company of lies. It is nothing but a peaceful mind in the company of truth. Truth is divinity.

Love in speech is truth (satyam). Truth does not change in the past, present or future, but remains the same.

Manu Smriti (4.138) gives two “Do”s and two “Don’t”s for “Satyam vada. Dharmam chara.

Speak the truth. Speak it lovingly. Do not speak the truth harshly. Do not speak a lie sweetly. This is  the eternal righteous conduct

satyam brooyaat | priam brooyaat | na brooyaat satyam apriyam |priyam cha naanrutam brooyaat | esha dharmah sanatanah ||

Love in action is righteous conduct (dharma). Righteous conduct causes no harm whatsoever. It generates no ripples in the mind of the person doing the action, in the environment or in the mind of the receiver of the action.

Bhagavad Gita lists six simple practices. All six are in congruence with who we really are.

Speak in a harmless manner.  Cause no disturbance whatsoever. Convey Truth. Share love. Seek the welfare of others. Recite sacred scriptures. These practices purify speech.

anudvegakaram vaakyam satyam priya hitam cha yat | swaadhyaaya abhyasanam cha eva vaangmayam tapa uchyate || [ 17.15]

Here is a beautiful quotation that touched me. It reminds me again to speak sparingly, lovingly and only when necessary.  


Satya and Dharma – they provide 20/20 insight vision to the world. 

This is the essence of all knowledge, as taught by the Taitreeya Upanishad rishi.


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