1 + 1 = 1

There is only One. This is the Truth. People who know It describe It many ways.

Ekam sat vipraah bahudhaa vadanti |  [Rg Veda]

jyotiOne Effulgence [Source]

The vedas proclaim this Truth only with uncontrollable joy, and with so much love. All for my benefit. If only I would listen!

In school I was taught 1 + 1 = 2,  2 + 1 =3 … and so on. I learned and enjoyed the process of the numbers becoming bigger.


I learn what I am taught [Source

Just as  I don’t look at the foundation of a building while I marvel at its beauty, I do not notice the basic “1” on which all numbers have sprung from. As I tangle with the numbers and discover further, I marvel at the symmetry /asymmetry among them, but still miss their building foundation of “1”.  Even our universe on a physical level is built on the growth of one single atom, says this informative documentary.

h2 atom galaxy_universe-normal-1024x768

Universe springs from one atom [Sources: 1, 2

Sweets and desserts come in many varieties and shapes in the world. They are made with sugar, jaggery, honey, agave, date paste etc. While I enjoy sweets, I fail to notice the foundation of “sweetness” that gives the sweetness to sugar, jaggery and honey.

sugarNot the sugar, but the sweetness [Source]

I’m very happy when someone speaks compassionately and acts kindly to me. I notice that others are happy also when they receive a compassionate word or a kind action. Even strangers on the street who pass me by seem genuinely happy, even if it is for a fleeting moment, by my kindness. I notice my fellow beings only in the kaleidoscopically ever changing names and forms that I assign them. I do not notice the kindness and compassion of which they and I are all made of. Even when I notice compassion and kindness, I do not notice the Selfless Love in operation, from which these have sprung.

ShoesSelfless Love in operation ? [Source]

The vedas say this Selfless Love, prema eva, is the One, ekam. They assert It is the essence in everything, raso vai sah.

This One appears as many. The rishis looked for and experienced the oneness in the many. They found that the oneness is nothing but the Essence in the many. The many things I see, hear, smell and touch…the many things I speak and do…the many things that I think…the many emotions I go through. All these have only one common denominator, the Constancy amidst all the colliding changes.

rishi teaching studentA teacher and a student [Source]

In the eleventh anuvaakam of the chamaka prasna, the rishis pray for the well being of all human beings and for the evolution of humanity. This is what they do in all the prayers in the vedas. But this prayer is different in an interesting way. It is prayed in terms of numbers, not in terms of an abstract concept. Since I understand numbers easier than concepts, the rishis point to the infinity and the infinitesimal through the gateway of numbers. All these numbers relate to me personally, if I think about them carefully enough. A journey in the company of this prayer is a journey to the Essence in everything – raso vai sah.

Here is this this teaching with brief notes.

Eka cha me´  – May I realize the One
Mantra May I realize the One in May I see the One Constant Entity present in
Thisrah cha me´ 3 Three periods of time (past, present, future)
Three levels of consciousness (waking state, dreaming state, deep-sleep state)
Three types of qualities (divine, human, demonic)
Three perceptions (who I think I am, who others think I am, who I really am)
Three characteristic tendencies (aggressive, pulling-back and balancing)
Pancha cha me´ 5 Five senses of perception with which I cognize the world around me – eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin
Five senses of action with which I act in the world around me – mouth, hands, legs, progeny and excretion
Five elements of nature that I’m made of – ether, wind, fire, water and earth (pancha bhootas)
Five vital airs in my body (outward flow, downward flow, pervasive in the body, upward flow of the last breath, becoming one with the air outside)
Five encased bodies I have (food encased, vital air encased, mind encased, wisdom encased, bliss encased)
Sapta cha me´ 7 Seven colors of the sunlight
Seven notes in music
Seven entities in me:  five senses + mind + intellect
Nava cha me´ 9 Nine types of devotion (listening about the One, singing about the One, reflecting the One in one’s mind, serving at the Feet of the One, worshipping the One, carrying out Its orders, serving the One as a friend,surrendering to the One completely)
Human body with nine gates of entry (two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, navel, two excretory openings)
Nine planets (nava graha)
Ekadasa cha me´ 11 Eleven aspects in me that I use to perceive and interact with the world: five senses of perception, five senses of action, the mind
Trayodasa cha me´ 13 [13 is considered unlucky by some, very lucky by others!]
The five elements of nature (pancha bhootas) made into the physical lump that my body is with the three forces from the sun, the moon and the stars +  the five senses of perception
Panchadasa cha me´ 15 Five senses of perception + five senses of action + five vital airs in my body (outward flow, downward flow, pervasive in the body, upward flow of the last breath, becoming one with the air outside)
Saptadasa cha me´ 17 Fifteen as above + mind + intellect
Navadasa cha me´ 19 Seventeen as above + ahamkaram (“I am the doer” feeling from identifying oneself with one’s body) + life-force
Ekavimsati cha me´ 21 Five senses of perception + Five senses of action + Five vital airs + Five encased bodies (food encased, vital air encased, mind encased, wisdom encased, bliss encased) + mind
Trayovimsati cha me´ 23 The Twenty-one above + intellect + ahamkaram (“I am the doer” experience associated with identifying oneself with one’s body)
Trayovimsati cha me´ 25 The Twenty-three above + time + the creating aspect of the One (Brahma)
Twenty-five aspects of the pancha bhootas in me. Each of the five pancha bhootas is present in five different ways in me for a total of twenty-five
Saptavimsati cha me´ 27 The Twenty-three above + time + the three gunas (aggressive, pulling-back and balancing natural impulses we have)
Navavimsati cha me´ 29 The Twenty-five above + time + the three gunas (aggressive, pulling-back and balancing natural impulses we have)
Ekatrimsati cha me´ 31 The thirty one worlds or planes of existence
Four worlds of deprivation:  
Hell, Animals, Hungry and wandering spirits, Asuras (demons, constantly fighting).
Seven happy destinations:
Human beings, Celestial Musicians, 33 Aspects of Effulgence (see below), Yama, Pure delight and gaiety, Effulgence of creation, Power over the effulgence of creation
Sixteen Fine-material worlds:
Retinue of Brahma, Ministers of Brahma, Brahma in delusion He is the creator, Seven progressive worlds of devas, Absence of mind, Five abodes of purity
Four worlds where there is no form:
Infinite space, Infinite consciousness, Nothingness, Neither perception nor non-perception
Trayotrimsati cha me´ 33 The Five elements of nature (pancha bhootas) made into the physical lump that my body is with the Three forces from the sun, the moon and the stars + The Eleven above + Twelve aspects of the warmth of the sun (adityas – I feel the warmth of the sun differently every month)
Chatasrah cha me´ 4 The Four vedas
The Four objectives of life (right conduct and wealth, desire and freedom)
Ashtah cha me´ 8 The Eight things that make up the physical form that my body is: Five elements of nature (pancha bhootas) +  the Three forces from the sun, the moon and the stars
Dwadasa cha me´ 12 Twelve levels of the sun’s warmth (we feel the warmth differently each month)
Six vedangas [Phonetics, Grammar, Ritual, Etymology, Metre, Time measurement] +  Six sastras [Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Architecture,Science of sculpture, Economics, Political Science]
Shodadasa cha me´ 16 Sixteen systems or points of understanding (padarthas – extract the basic meaning of anything) [evidence, analysis, questioning, purpose, example, conclusion, parts/sections, logic, decision, doctrine, debate, quibble, gross purpose, fallacy, type/kind, point of defeat
Sixteen analyses that I must do [Four types of lives lived at four levels of consciousness = 16. Four types of lives are:  Life at the society level, Life in equilibrium with nature, Life in Wisdom, Life at the body level. Four levels of consciousness are: waking state, dream state, deep-sleep state, beyond deep-sleep state]
Vismatih cha me´ 20 Twenty elements in me
Five senses of perception (see 5)
Five senses of action (see 5)
Five vital airs (see 5)
Five body-envelopes (5)
ChaturVismatih cha me´ 24 Twenty-four letters in the Gayatri metre
AshtaVismatih cha me´ 28 Twenty-eight letters in the Ushnik metre
DwaTrimsatih cha me´ 32 Thirty-two letters in the Anushtup metre
Shattrimsah cha me´ 36 Thirty-six letters in the Brihati metre
Chatvarimsah cha me´ 40 Forty letters in the Pankti metre
ChatusChatvarimsah cha me´ 44 Forty-four letters in the Trushtup metre
AshtaChatvarimsah cha me´ 48 Forty-eight letters in the Jagati metre

A scientific key to the puzzle of these numbers is given here. I quote from it as follows:

“… these numbers represent a polymer chain of molecules that form apa or water that enables evolution of life and intelligence, and apa is nothing but the nitrogenous base pairs of the DNA.   The numbers 1 to 33 represent the 33000 base pairs of mitochondrial base pairs of DNA.  The numbers 4 to 48 represent the 48 million nuclear bases of DNA.  The two sets of DNA bases combine to provide sustenance of human wellbeing and onward evolution of human life.  When the devotee prays for the blessing of these numbers, actually he is praying for bestowing on him all these DNA bases which conduce to sustenance of human wellbeing and happiness.”

The One that is present in everything is the Essence of Prema, Selfless Love. It appears as many things the same way the different numbers are really the number 1 appearing differently. The things I perceive have all taken shape from Selfless Love only just as the universe has taken shape from a single atom. We all have sprung up supported by Selfless Love only just as a building springs up supported by its foundation.

Prema – Love that is the language of the heart and that is beyond the body, mind and intellect – can be mathematically expressed as follows:

Love + Love =  Love

Love – Love  =  Love

Love x Love =  Love

Love  / Love =  Love

The vedic rishis describe this mathematical relationship beautifully:

This is Fullness. That is Fullness. From Fullness has come Fullness. When Fullness is taken away from Fullness, only Fullness remains.

poornam adah poornam idam poornaat poornam udachyate |

poornasya poornam aadaaya poornam eva visishyate ||

[Isaavasya Upanishad Shanti Pada]

The call is to experience this prema on a personal level by being a truly loving person. I must  conduct myself in alignment with the spring of Love in me. This Love is nothing but my conscience. When I do that, I can live without wanting anything from anyone or anything.

I must start the day in Love, spend the day in Love and end the day in Love.


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