Kriya yoga



Spirituality and desire for money exclude each other.  When one is present, the other is absent. Both cannot co-exist.

Spirituality is a good thing. But when it is done as a commercial business, it becomes a different thing altogether.It is not only not good anymore, it becomes a deception. It becomes a betrayal, a capitalization of the gullibility of the people who come seeking to walk the spiritual path.

Spirituality cannot not be taught in exchange for money or power or fame. In fact, spirituality cannot be taught at all. It is as natural as breathing, and is very much part of me. But I can breathe better and easier if I follow a certain set of disciplines laid out in the sanatana dharma scriptures. In the same way, I can become more loving, more peaceful and truly happy if I follow the guidelines of “do’s and don’t’s” spelled out in the ancient scriptures. This knowledge, the “what” and the “how” of breathing properly or of practicing the human values of truth, right conduct, love, peace and non-violence (satya, dharma, prema, shanti and ahimsa) for exampleis available readily, without cost to anyone who seeks it sincerely.

Take Kriya yoga, for example.

Kriya means activity done as worship. Yoga is the process and the goal of experiencing the constancy among the changes, the permanent in the transient, and becoming one with it.

Kriya yoga cures all miseries and illnesses. But today the phrase is synonymous with the multi-million dollar industry that has spawned worldwide on its back. The authenticity and the efficacy of kriya yoga message are lost in the marketing malaise and the branding brilliance to generate revenues (in the guise of donations and fees) in its name.


An artist’s conception of Patanjali [Source]

Patanjali, the no-nonsense and the compassionate teacher that he is, explains what kriya yoga is, in a pithy and precise statement

Kriya yoga is purification of mental agitations, clarity in understanding the scriptural teachings by practice, loving God exclusively

tapah swaadhyaaya iswara pranidhaanaani kriya yogah | [Patanjali yoga sutra 2. 1]

Mental agitations will be purified and the mind will calm down to its natural peaceful state when the scriptural teachings are clearly understood. Clarity in understanding comes only when the teachings are practiced. Practice is effective only with exclusive love for God.

There is nothing more to kriya yoga than this teaching from Patanjali:

Iswara pranidhaanani – love God exclusively and totally.









2 thoughts on “Kriya yoga

  1. Sai Ram – Thank you for getting the essence of Pathanjali’s kriya Yoga in this webpost. Your first paragraph connecting breathing habits to universal human traits as fundamentally free for anyone to internalise and practice is very personally instructive. Thanks once again

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