Women are the whisper of character

Never look down upon any woman. They are most virtuous. With all sacred feelings in your heart, respect women and be respected. – Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Life is good only! [Source]

Everyone is fundamentally and latently good only. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone, without exception, readily takes solace in the shower of love. Who doesn’t respond in kind to a consoling word, a caring action or a comforting look?

If everyone is seeking love only, then why all the cruelty I painfully see in the world?

There is cruelty because we disrespect women. Cruelty comes and thrives wherever there is disrespect to women.


Mother – the character manual[Source]

Wherever I find cruelty, if I were to do a root cause analysis, I would not be surprised to find there was a  disregard to the clear-cut guidance of a mother, a derision towards the counseling words of a wife or a disrespect to the silent wisdom of a grandmother.

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Character molding with grandmothers [Source] [Source}[Source][Source] [Source][Source][Source]

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Character building with mothers [Source][Source][Source][Source][Source][Source]

The character of a human being is molded at the hands of women only. God may be Love. But I experience it first and first-hand only from a woman, the mother. A child – it may be a boy or a girl- sucks in the seed of character with every single drop of milk from the mother and with every single gentle caressing she does while she feeds.

The power that a woman has is something extraordinary. It is quite different from what is invested in a man. Much like the sunshine, this power shines forth unobtrusively and silently. It sustains the human society itself. I have, happily and without exception, observed it in visits to several cities, small towns and villages around the world. This experience of observing first-hand how women are truly the society’s back-bone was an eye-opener for me!

The vedas term this unique power of a woman as “purandhi“. purandhi means generous, bountiful, prolific, liberal, kind.  The Rg veda says,

  • Women are the radiating treasure of generosity and kindness
  • This is the nature of birth as a woman
  • Respect women with sacred feeling, so these auspicious qualities can spread to strengthen the welfare of all
  • A young boy who does not respect women grows up to be a cruel person

purandhi yoshaa jaayataam sri yuvati priyaa bhaavukaa priya abhaavukaa – yuvaa pumaan apriyo bhaavukaa 

Its the mango season here, as I write this post. As I bite into a mango and relish its sweetness, I couldn’t help but hear the whisper of the seed’s sweetness in it. In the same way, when I interact with people of good conduct and character in my life, I can’t help but hear the whisper of the women who molded them that way.

This is the true eminence of a woman – building the character of a person, of a home, of a society, of a nation and of the whole world.

With sacred feelings in heart, respect women. Then there’ll be no cruelty in the world.

This is the call of the vedas.


2 thoughts on “Women are the whisper of character

  1. A truly awesome post.Such lovely photos of grandmothers and mothers! In this age of homes for senior citizens your article reminds us of all that we receive from mothers grandmothers,and wives. How to pronounce the word purandhi?Thank you for a post that is so relevant today.

    Liked by 1 person

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