From Conception to Birth


From conception to birth [ 1  2]

Creation is a fascinating thing. Creation of life even more so.

Modern science tells us in detail how human life is created and sustained during growth in a mother’s womb. Srimad Bhagavatam, the true panacea made available to us by Sage Vyasa, describes Sage Kapila’s teaching on this subject. His teaching, given to his mother Devahuti, is part of a much wider and all encompassing knowledge, the knowledge of one’s own Self, Atma Vidya itself.

In this post, I submit a comparison of what Kapila said about 6000 years ago (if not earlier) and what the modern science says today about the period of our life from conception to birth. Remember modern science calculates the fetus’ age two weeks behind its gestational age whereas Kapila’s age calculation starts with the gestation.

How long ago did Kapila live? We don’t know for sure. But he lived at the latest about 6000 years ago, if not earlier.


I was wonderstruck to read the prayer of the fetus. And to learn that I actually knew my past, present and future till the moment of my birth. This knowledge hid itself at the moment I took birth.

Bhagavad Gita points to this wonder, the unfathomable delight, behind creation.

Some see It as wonder, some speak of It as wonder and some hear It as wonder. But, no one really knows It. The Indweller in all bodies is always deathless.

aascharyavat pasyati kaschit enam aascharyavat vadatyathaa eva cha anyah | aascharyavat chenam srunoti srutvaapi enam veda na cha eva kaschit|| dehi nityam avadhya ayam dehe sarvasya |[2.29,30]

How wonderful and amazing creation is!



2 thoughts on “From Conception to Birth

  1. I am grateful to you sir for this amazing post which answers a lot of questions about the unborn baby and its life in the womb.A young couple who are my friends lost an unborn child yesterday. The fetus was just over four months and seeing their grief makes me sad.The prayer of the fetus is wonderful. Is a 4 month fetus aware of everything too? I’m sure there must be some level of awareness
    There is a hill near Salem named Oothumalai where there is a temple for Murugan and in the hillside there is a cave called Kapilar gugai.It is said that Sage Kapila meditated here. There is also a hill called Kapilar malai in Namakkal district. It is truly wonderful that Sage Kapila has given us all this knowledge.
    Thank you for this exceptional post.

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    1. Namaskaram amma, sorry to hear about your friend’s irreparable loss and your pain. Hold on to Bhagavan. It’ll be ok.

      So there is a kapilar gugai and a kapilar malai – both in the Salem/Namakkal area! This is proof enough that Kapilar visited there. With Bhagavan’s Grace, I’ll visit them.

      I’m glad you liked the blog. The fetus prayer is amazing, isn’t it?

      Thank you for your valuable and kind feedback, as always.


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