Mindfulness 101

How to be mindful? How to catch the elusive, fleeting moment? How to taste the peace and the comfort it offers?

One of the memorable teachings I learned from my grandmother was the Tamil saying “சுவரை வெச்சுண்டுதானே சித்திரம் எழுத முடியும்?” [“You need a wall to draw a picture, don’t you?”]. Put another way – my legs must be strong for me to walk; the foundation must be strong to support a building.

Being mindful of the moment, of what I’m involved in, of what I’m part of, of what I see, hear, smell and touch, is elusive because I prefer the past or the future to the present. Fortunately, I can remove this elusiveness with commitment and practice, because it is natural for me to be mindful.


Mindfulness is a natural ability [Source]




The simple, routine activity will soon reveal a hitherto unnoticed realm of perfection, peace and joy. This is a taste of the power of the moment.

This skill must now be sustained with continued practice. Otherwise, it’ll become rusty. So I must continue both the “building the foundation” and the “practice steps” routinely.  This will open up mindfulness to other moments and activities steadily and progressively.

Hope you find this quick note of some benefit, dear reader. Let me know if you do. All best!

[This post was prompted by a request from a reader]


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