Getting angry? Try the Namaste!


[This post is about controlling and managing the moment of anger. It does not address removing the root cause of anger and living anger-free.]

An anger strike seems difficult to control, isn’t it?  It happens so suddenly without warning and blows up intensely and rapidly. I seem helpless at anger’s instantaneous explosive growth. It overpowers and submerges my sense of right and reason in a trice.

There is a simple body posture to control the rise of anger. When I take up this posture, it is impossible to be angry.

This is the namaste posture. Anger and namaste cannot co-exist.


Namaste posture and anger do not co-exist 

Next time I sense anger welling up within me, I can instantly douse it by changing my body posture:

  1. I do the namaste pose. Hold both palms together with all the ten fingers touching each other completely. The two thumbs are extended out. The remaining pair of four fingers are relaxed and straight. Extend the elbows out a bit so there is no shoulder slouching. Keep the palms at the center area of the chest and touch the chest with the two extended thumbs.
  2. Close my eyes
  3. Observe my breath. It could be shallow and fast in the beginning. But it does slow down as I continue looking at it.
  4. As it slows down, take three or five slow, deep breaths.

Voila! The anger welling up within me is put out. An angry and unpleasant moment is pre-empted before it can happen.

Interestingly, my namaste pose works equally well in controlling others’ anger also.

Like most things in life, it pays to be pro-active. So I practice the namaste posture so I become good at it. Armed with this tool in my arsenal, I move on with the game of life knowing fully well that I can overpower anger any time it strikes, from whichever direction at whichever place.

Try the namaste. You’ll benefit.


Namaste !







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