fa96b22f27cedfc9c4d687b2ec4f0caf“I’m tired” [Source]

“I’m tired”.  I had not heard this phrase as I was growing up in India. This was totally an unknown phrase to me till I came across my daughter uttering it as she grew up in USA. Then I noticed that this is a common phrase among the youth here. Most youth are fitness-buffs, exercise regularly and attend yoga sessions 3-4 times a week. Their body shape, form and bicep size are important to them. But they so facilely keep uttering “I’m so tired” at every chance they get. I find this amazing and nothing short of ironical.

Lack of adequate sleep, multi-tasking tendency and a short-fall in food intake contribute to this of course. But I think it is a bit more than that.

Diabetes, thyroid problem, anemia, sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression  etc  cause a feeling of tiredness. These can be treated professionally.  But in most cases, the root cause of feeling tired lies in speaking the phrase “I’m tired” itself.


What, how and how much I speak makes me tired, or not. [Source]

Every word I speak feeds my mind. If I speak positively, I feel positive. If I speak negatively, I feel negative. If I speak about the good in others, I feel better. If I speak humorously, my load becomes lighter. When I say, “I’m tired”, I actually feel tired – more tired than I was before I said it.


“Life is a game. Play it. Life is a challenge. Meet it.” [Source]

To overcome tiredness, I must strengthen the mind. Make it more resilient. More bold. More contented. Then I’ll not feel tired.  Over-worked body will not be tired but will segue naturally to rest and sleep. Overworked mind, on the other hand, will always be tired. So, I must learn to rest the mind.

“Bear calumny, loss, disappointment, defeat boldly and with equanimity; then, no mental depression can overwhelm you” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba


A life of hard work can be adventurous, purposeful and fulfilling but need not be tiring. Turn the mind!


train2“Tired?” What does it mean? [Source]








5 thoughts on “Tired?

  1. Speaking positively and humorously lightens the load on us rejuvenate the mind. The Contented mind is an antidote for the overworked body. These nice words evoke a beautiful message when depression overwhelms us. The selected visuals for this post illustrate this message. This is one of the relevant and purposeful post indeed.

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  2. Balance is the correct antidote for all our ills today. Balance isn’t easy, fast, or always fun. It requires constant movement, constant attention. Balance is not a myth, it is a necessity.
    The idea of constantly tweaking our personal schedules and examining our priorities. When we make balance a priority, we have a much greater chance of staying on the “tightrope” of balance in our lives. Balance is not the same as rest point. If we come to equilibrium, we are dead. Balance is the harmonious interplay of all of the forces that act on us and through us. Rest might be needed or action might be necessary to bring us back into balance.
    People constantly talk about work-life balance and fibromyalgia – tired of being tired. May be this is material for another post.

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