Ramayana in Lanka: When Indrajit became almost invincible

During the war, Indrajit briefly went away undetected to a placed called Nikumbhila and undertook a severe penance to obtain powers that would make him invincible.

Vibhishana came to know about this. He exhorted Rama and Lakshmana, ” Indrajit will reach Nikhumbila today and will complete his yagna. Upon completing it, he’ll obtain special powers and cannot be defeated by anyone. So, we must proceed to Nikhumbila immediately and stop Indrajit from completing his yajna” [Valmiki Ramayanam. Yuddha kandam. Chapter 84. 14-16]

The place where Indrajit undertook this penance, Nikumbhila, is called Gayatri Peetam today. It is on the outskirts of Nuwara Eliya.


A compact and clean Siva temple, Sri Lankatheeswarar Temple, stands at this place today exuding serenity and spreading peace. The Siva lingam in this temple is actually growing in size, the growth having been witnessed by many. The temple is also unique in that it is the only temple in Sri Lanka dedicated exclusively to Gayatri Mata. Incessant recorded chanting of Gayatri mantram is played in this temple. Hence the name Gayatri Peetam for this temple.



The fact that this was the place that was sanctified by the penance of Indrajit was discovered by Gayatri Siddhar Sri Murugesa Maharishi during his deep spiritual meditation. This was later confirmed by several rishis in South India including Sivabala Yogi Maharaj. The lingam was installed by him at this location as per the directions received during meditation in 1970.

Genesis information of the temple. Temple Notice Board

Temple entrance road and vicinity. Nuwara Eliya can be seen in the background

Sri Lanka has many sacred places, sanctified by the footsteps of divinity and devotees, and by the sound vibrations of holy mantras. Gayatri Peetam is one such place.

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