A scratch, an itch and the “99 Club”

I know scratch. And I know itch. But I did not know about the “99 Club” till recently. I learned about it through a whatsapp forward. I also learned another fact I did not know – that I’m a life member in it!

The “99 Club” must be one of the largest clubs in the world in terms of membership, I think.

The story about this club goes something like this.

99 Club.00199 Club.00299 Club.00399 Club.00499 Club.00599 Club.00699 Club.007

This is the “99 Club” I also belong to at present. Always looking for that 100th coin. And losing my happiness and peace of mind in that process.

Wanting money scratches the skin of my mind. If I scratch it repeatedly, it becomes the itch of greed. Then I join the “99 Club”.

Greed is not worth it. Seriously. It can give more wealth, power and an exalted position in the society. But it robs my happiness. People may bow down to me. But I live devoid of their respect and love. With greed, I live only a false life, a life of pretenses, anger, fear and even a touch of cruelty.

The “99 Club” is, in a sense, a mental hospital only. The members are patients with the mental illness called the greed-itch. Greed is a doorway to hell itself, says the Bhagavad Gita [lobhah narakasya idam dwaaram… 16. 21 ]

The only medicine that will cure this itch and get me out of this hospital is the cooling balm of contentment.  

Contentment is a very good thing. In fact, it is the most precious gift I can give to myself. Adi Sankara teaches this succinctly and powerfully in Bhaja Govindam.

99 Club.008I have enough. Really. Once I realize I do have enough, I regain my happiness and peace of mind. Then life becomes the wonderful and amazing journey that it really is.


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