Better Know a Holiday

In this series, I’ll explore the meanings of commonly celebrated Hindu holidays.

September 19 2015. Ganesh Chaturti

October 5 2015. In loving gratitude and contentment. The “Mahaalaya Paksham”

October 8 2015. Nine Nights to Victory Day

November 6 2015. Deepavali,Diwali.

December 9 2015. Vaikunta Ekadasi.

January 4 2016. Makara Sankranti. Pongal.

February 9 2016. Maha Sivaratri.

April 15 2016. Rama Navami.

July 24 2016. Guru Purnima

August 15 2016. Efficacy of Upaakarmaa [Avani Avittam, Gayatri Japam]

August 24 2016. Gokulashtami. Krishna Jayanti. Sri Jayanti.

October 7 2017. Religious Rituals? Count me out please.


One thought on “Better Know a Holiday

  1. So wonderful, so much of meanings, so much to learn … even though I thought I learned with my experience. I need to learn again and again & every minute which I learned from reading this ‘stress-out’ blog. Yes, if I keep everything in association of Krishna, how can I be stressed? If I love everything selflessly how can I be stressed? If I leave pain and pleasure to Krishna how can I be stressed?
    I feel for teens.
    What a place to be. How much punnyam I might have done, to get the association of SK.Anna who spends so much of his precious time for people like me and others to understand what life means and how to deal with it when he can relax in any way as he prefers.


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