From the millenniums, for the millennials.

Here I’ll share a few nuggets from the Sanatana Dharma teachings and experiences that have stood the test of time. Specially for the millennials.

Even though the teachings have come through ages, they are not ancient as in “old and outdated”, but they are ever-new and current. “Ever new” till they are put in to practice and experienced first-hand. Current in that they are very much applicable to us today and tomorrow because they transcend time.

You’ll not find the word Hinduism mentioned anywhere in the Vedic scriptures. If there is only one human being on earth, what is the need for him/her to have a name? Like that, there was only one “religion” to begin with in the history of man. It did not have a name but it is the Sanatana Dharma, eternal righteous conduct.

The word Hinduism was coined quite recently in the annals of human history by foreigners who invaded Bharath, currently known as India. The word Hindu has great significance. Hin- harm Du – far away from, ie Hinduism means “Do no harm”.

October 9 2015. What’s in a name?

October 11 2015. Life’s 20/20 Insight Vision

October 18 2015. Cast away the “caste system”. Please!

October 18 2015. Missing understanding

October 22 2015. 1 + 1 = 1

November 1 2015. A student’s prayer

November 5 2015. Guru and “Guru”

November 26 2015. Time Management – “Excuse me, do you have the time?”

December 1 2015. How many gods are there?

January 8 2016. Tyaga = Happiness. Two short stories

January 17 2016. “How much to give?”

February 1 2016. Traveling with Rama to Mithila and back

February 7 2016. Self confidence

March 26 2016. Brahma temple at Pushkar

April 3 2016. Meera Krishna temple at Amer

April 11 2016. Calm down.

April 12 2016. Kriya yoga

April 23 2016. Positive attitude.

April 30 2016. Mindfulness. Or Heartfulness?

May 11 2016. Reduce Worries

May 16 2016. Temples – what good do they do?

May 22 2016. From Conception to Birth

June 14 2016. Boss problems at work?

July 24 2016. Stressed out?

August 10 2016. Speaking 101

August 22 2016. Mindfulness 101.

August 23 2016. Getting angry? Try the Namaste!

August 29 2016. Tired?

September 19 2016. Life IS a newspaper

September 30 2016. Money management

October 7 2016. Be close. be happy

October 17 2016. Work life balance

December 31 2016. Ramayana in Lanka

January 2 2017. Ramayana in Lanka: Hanuman lands in Lanka

January 4 2017. Ramayana in Lanka: The place where Hanuman met Sita

January 7 2017. Ramayana in Lanka. The Fire Test. Agni Pareekshai.

January 8 2017. Ramayana in Lanka. When Indrajit became almost invincible

January 15 2017. Ramayana in Lanka: Hanuman takes a leap from Lanka

February 17 2017. Ramayana in Lanka. Vibhishana’s coronation

February 25 2017. The art of forgiving

March 31 2017. Critical Thinking

May 30 2017. Mindfulness Moments: Cooperate or Compete at work place?

July 8 2017. Marriage and World Peace

August 18 2017. A scratch, an itch and the “99 Club” 

October 7 2017. Religious Rituals? Count me out please.

October 28 2017. Rituals – Why visit temples?

December 19 2017. Religious Rituals – The daily worship


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