Universe is a university

Here I explore some of the lessons the world teaches. The world, after all, is divinity itself.

It has hands and feet everywhere; eyes, heads, mouths and ears all over. It pervades and is established in everything in the universe.

sarvatah paanipaadam tat sarvtokshi siromukham | 

sarvatah srutimallokhe sarvam aavrutya tishtati ||

[Bhagavad Gita 13.14]

September 20 2015. Sunday, The Sun and Sunshine

September 23 2015. The lark and bark of a dog

September 28 2015. Lessons from a blade of grass. (Really ?)

October 6 2015. Don’t “diss” disappointments

October 10 2015. Nectarine drops from a passing cloud

January 29 2016. Hang a right and find the truth in Chennai

September 19 2016. Life IS a newspaper

September 24 2016. Fragrance of the date palm


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