Everything I see, hear, smell and touch is divine. Nothing less. From a speck of sand to a slithering worm, from a resolute ant to the sugar lump that entices it, from a word of kindness to an act of deception, from the distant star to the caressing rain-drop, from the repulsion of a cockroach to the attraction of a word of praise – everything is divine only.

A human being is also divine only. Regardless of whether I behave like a demon, an animal or a human being, I’m divine only.

How do I know this?

I learned this from the best teacher there is, a woman.

The “woman” aspect in the creation of a human being has been extolled as personification of divinity-in-action itself in the vedas. This aspect, by its natural qualities and conduct, illustrates the basis of support to our life and living. A woman exemplifies this support we call as dharma. Dharma supports the well being of the family, the society , the nation and the whole world.

In this page, I’ll share a few vedic nuggets about women, as explained with clarity born from the perspective of universal Love, by late Sri Agnihoitram Ramanuja Thathachariyar in his book “Women in Vedas”. Agnihotram, as he was affectinately addressed, was a doyen in the universe of vedic study. He spent his entire life of 101 years in the company of vedic study and practice.

The vedas provide plentiful teachings, explanations and guidances about the feminine aspect of creation, sustenance and dissolution in the beginning portion of the vedas itself. These continue in the brahmana part of the vedas also. These teachings were not mere academic expositions. They got established in daily practices and their efficacy was experienced in daily life. Even today, we can see the natural segueing strength of these practices in the enduring strength, determination and character of women in the world.

December 15 2015. Women are touchstone of human values

May 6 2016. Women are the whisper of character

September 27 2016. Working mother and the crying child


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